The History of New Richmond Regional (Municipal) Airport

In the beginning . . . around 1961 - New Richmond citizens decided a city owned airport would be a good thing.  Aviation in New Richmond can be dated back to the 20's, with private "airports" located east of New Richmond near CTH K & 170th Street, south of New Richmond by what is now Southview Addition, and north of 200th ave. & STH 65 in Stanton Township.

The story of how the city owned airport came in to existence is found on the links below. We  have compiled and posted a stack of old newspaper articles about the airport, construction documents and correspondence with the Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics.  Below are links that take you through the first few years of the 43+ year history of the airport - year by year.


1959 ~ Flying club forms in New Richmond

1961 ~ Kiwanis Club hears a speaker from Wisconsin Aeronautics Commission - all agree an airport is necessary

1962 ~ The process starts - City of NR petitions for new airport.  Funding at local, state and federal level is approved.

1963 ~ Bonds, Bids, Bitterness, & Construction

1964 ~ "Van Meter Field" is finished, Peirson contract, new ordinances

1965 ~ $20 per month to light the runway!  First fly-in, Corporate aviation starts in NR with Doughboy, New beacon arrives.

1966 ~ Corporate airplane saves the day, the highway cometh, 2nd fly-in is most successful - ever

1967 ~ Doughboy sells their hangar, 3rd fly-in planning underway

1968 ~ Stupid pilot tricks, new metro airport?, stolen airplane?

1969 ~ Aviation to the rescue - the flood of 1969

1970 ~ STH 64 could be rerouted near airport

1974 ~ airport74.jpg (112211 bytes)

1990 ~

1992 ~ History of the airport article in the News