Zoning & building code information for areas near New Richmond Regional Airport

April 14, 2008 - New Richmond City Council adopted an updated Height Limitation Zoning Ordinance Map for New Richmond Regional Airport - Click Here for a pdf map

Below is a summary of restrictions generally placed on new structures within 3 nautical mile radius of New Richmond Regional Airport.

Building Standards:

Homes constructed within the Airport Area Zoning District shall incorporate the following standards for construction:

(a) Use of 2” x 6” studs or better for all exterior wall cavity construction to be shown on building plans.

(b) All exterior building elements shall meet the following minimum STC (Sound Transmission Class) values: Walls (40 STC), Roof (40 STC), Windows (30 STC), Doors (20 STC). Manufacturers STC Rating for each window, door, and skylight shall be attached to the building plans. Upon approval of the building official, typical 2” x 6” walls and truss roofs constructed in accordance with the Uniform Dwelling Code (UDC) shall be considered as conforming with this requirement.

(c) All homes shall incorporate the following acoustical design features which shall be shown on the building plans.

(1) A mechanical ventilation system shall be installed that will provide the minimum air circulation and fresh-air supply requirements as required in the Uniform Dwelling Code for the proposed occupancy without the need to open any exterior doors or windows.

(2) The perimeter of all exterior windows and door frames shall be sealed airtight to the exterior-wall construction.

(3) Fireplaces shall be equipped with well-fitted chimney cap devices.

(4) All ventilation ducts, except range hoods, connecting interior space to outdoors shall be provided with a bend such that no direct line of sight exists from exterior to interior through the vent duct.

(5) Doors and windows shall be constructed so that they are close-fitting. Weather-stripping seals shall be incorporated to eliminate all edge gaps.

(6) All penetrations through exterior walls by pipes, ducts, conduits and the like shall be caulked airtight to the exterior construction.

The following statement must be placed on the plat or certified survey map:

This subdivision is within 3 miles of New Richmond Regional Airport and within the flight paths of aircraft using the airport.  Lot owners in the subdivision, by virtue of ownership, hereby agree:

    1) To restrict the height of any improvements or vegetation on said lot(s) to less than the height designated on the Height Limitation Zoning Map for New Richmond Regional Airport

    2) To not knowingly interfere with radio communication or navigation necessary or appropriate for the safe operation of aircraft approaching or departing from said airport; and

    3) To not shine or display lights which interfere with aircraft approaching or departing from said airport; and

    4) To allow any and all legal airport operation and expansion to occur without objection.

Said lot owner(s) hereby acknowledge the importance of the airport to the City of New Richmond and surrounding area and acknowledge that the airport operation or expansion thereof could impact their intended use and enjoyment of their lot(s). 

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